• Accounting Services

  • Algebraa provides a full range of accounting and bookkeeping services geared towards assisting small, mid-sized companies and corporates. Our main objective is to help business owners like you reduce time spent on non-essential tasks, enabling you to focus on core business functions and increase profitability.

    Accounting Service in Dubai

    Many of our clients save up to 40% compared to the costs of hiring in-house staff to perform these functions. Our advanced technical expertise differentiates Algebraa from other companies offering similar accounting services. We provide timely, cost effective, scalable and customized accounting solutions with 24/7 access to your financials through our secure web portal.

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping is crucial for the success of any business. The investor should know the status of his/her business every stage for his success and should be able to predict the future depending on the accounts. The bookkeeping service for small business is now looking at the new option of outsourcing the books of accounts into the hands of qualified professionals.

    The main advantages of outsourced Accounting & Bookkeeping services are many:

    Save Time: Handing over the work of Accounting & Bookkeeping to a qualified professional allows the Investor to save their precious time and they can focus on the key area of business development. This becomes very crucial when the business is managed by a small team of professionals.

    Cost Effective: By hiring qualified professional, who works part time basis, the Investor can save money on a full time employee as well as the other expenses like visa costs, leave salary, Air Ticket, End of Service benefits  etc. In addition to this the Accountants are supervised by an Accounts Manager. The monthly MIS Reports are prepared by another Accounts Professional after the initial reviewing. Hence the total cost is very less for the customer.

    Professionals: When Accounting & Bookkeeping services are outsourced, the Customer is getting the service from qualified and experienced professionals in the field. The professional Accountant is well versed with the accounting as well as in any complicated accounting entries. Hence the customer gets quality and timely completion of the work.

    Scalability: When the Accounting & Bookkeeping services are outsourced the Customer is provided with more chances of scalability. As per demand for the Accounting increase, you can make changes in the work and similarly when the volume of work is reduced the payment option with us can also be negotiated and the related service charge could be reduced so that the company can save money.

    Industry Experts: While outsourcing the Accounting &bookkeeping services the business does not have to bother about spending on expensive ERP for generating the report. We always suggest our client’s to start with basic Integrated Accounting software which can manage the following documents.

    Algebraa accounting Service

    1. Purchase Order    
    2. Sales Order      
    3. Purchase Invoice  
    4. Sales Invoice              
    5. Inventory
    6. Bill of Materials    
    7. Project Costing  
    8. General Ledger      
    9. Accounts Receivable  
    10. Accounts Payable  
    11. Pay Roll            
    12. Fixed Assets        
    13. Trial Balance              
    14. Profit & Loss Account  
    15. Balance Sheet
  • Different types of Accounting & Bookkeeping Services:

    OUR WORK FLOW:-Based on our experience, once we understand the business process of any business whether small, medium or large we can allocate time for every work as per the standard and hence our rates are based on the efficiency and effectiveness and our team will not waste time in the customer place. The customer will be benefited as we fix the time based on the volume of work and not based on the time we spent. We also have spent our time and effort in developing the software tool to monitor the tasks based on each and every customer projects so that every stage is monitored by the line Manager. Our dedicated manager will manage the work of every customer on daily basis.

    a) On taking up the job we will conduct a system study (irrespective of small, medium or large businessand understand the existing process of the business and also the documents flow. We immediately discuss with the management what all the weak areas and what all the changes required in the process and implement the procedures, controls after their approval and monitor the same periodically. The system study is free of cost

    b) On signing the Agreement we depute one of our Accountants for your company and our Accountant will work on anhourly/daily/weekly/monthly basis as per the time allocated. In case if the work is not completed during the allocated time, we work extra hours till the work is completed and we will not charge for the extra hours. One Accounts Manager and 2 Accountants will be allocated to one company for contingencies and continuity.

    c) Once the Accountant is completed the data entry, reconciliationetc., we will start the MIS Reporting work on 8th of every month and give you the monthly MIS reports on 15th of every month.


    Every business requires reliable, accurate and timely financial analytical information to monitor its performance so that the management can take timely actions and decisions. Our experienced &qualified professional accountants understand the importance so they work towards achieving these goals of our clients. Our TEAM is aware that Our success is directly proportional to the success of our clients


    1. Profit & Loss a/c (Monthly & Consolidated)            
    2. Profit & Loss a/c - Budget/Actual/Variance
    3. Profit &Loss a/c - Month wise analysis                     
    4. Balance Sheet
    5. Cash Flow Statement                                                                
    6. Trial Balance
    7. Ratio Analysis                                                                                  
    8. Debtors ageing statement
    9. Sales Ledger                                                                                     
    10. Creditors aging statement
    11. Purchase Ledger                                                                            
    12. Bank Reconciliation
    13. Credit card reconciliation & control                  
    14. Stock statement

    1. Sales Analysis – item wise                                                   
    2. Sales Analysis - Brand wise
    3. Sales Analysis - Group wise                                                 
    4. Sales Analysis - Division wise
    5. Sales Analysis - Customer wise                                        
    6. Sales Analysis – Service wise
    7. Sales Analysis - Region wise                                                                

    1. Profit Analysis - Item wise                                                    
    2. Profit Analysis – Brand wise
    3. Profit Analysis – Group wise                                              
    4. Profit Analysis - Division wise
    5. Profit Analysis - Customer wise                                       
    6. Profit Analysis - Service wise
    7. Profitability Analysis - Customer wise                       
    8. Fixed Asset Analysis & Control
    9. Vehicle wise control and maintenance                   
    10. Profit Analysis – Project wise

    Fast : The right size company to respond quickly to your changing requirements
    Flexible : Customised Accounting solutions created from best-demonstrated practices across multiple disciplines
    in Auditing, Management Accounting & Bookkeeping..
    Focused : Your business success is our primary focus.
    Cost Effective : You can expand into new markets quickly and efficiently without large capital investments and continuity of Service even if an employee is on vacation
    Knowledgeable : All our employees are professional Accountants and their experiences Combined with our specialized
    Training program, results to join in a team that can assist every business as it grows.
    Experienced : A cohesive team, which has worked together for over twenty-five years
    Reliable : Dedicated to providing consistent high quality & error-free services.

  • Benefits to the Clients

    • Chances of fraud and error are minimized to the maximum extent
    • Proper accounting standards in place
    • Safeguarding of Assets, complete track of fixed assets and current assets including random stock counts, physical Cash count etc.
    • Timely reporting for company operations
    • Improved standards and procedures from filling till the finalization of accounts
    • A true picture of company’s position is report to the stakeholders
    • Key ideas help company to perform their operations in a smarter way (less input and more output)
    • Clear picture to each and every department and employee regarding their duties and objectives
    • Our reports help management to take the important decisions
    • Organized and up to date accounts
    • Schedules help to pay the dues on time and avoid any fines and penalties
    •  Control of payments to vendors and collection from customers
    • Partnering with us reduces stress, protects cash flow, eliminates administrative hassles, and enables business people to find the success they originally set out to achieve….

     The professional Accounting & Bookkeeping services in Dubai:

    The Accounting & Bookkeeping services in Dubai are mainly done with the supervision of Chartered Accountants or CPAs. The Accounting & Bookkeeping charges may vary depending on the nature of the workand also based on the number of documents starting from AED 1,000/- per month. The contract may be made on the basis of hourly rate or the completion of the entire accounting work or monthly basis or quarterly or yearly basis.

    Accounting & Bookkeeping services are provided by leading accounting firms in Dubai.

    Algebraa Bookkeeping provides the Accounting & Bookkeeping services to the SMEand Corporates in UAE.