• CFO Services

  • If hiring a full-time CFO sounds expensive, consider our part-time CFO services which will enable you to avoid spending money on high salaries yet still manage your financials. With us, you will have 24/7 access to Chartered Accountant/ Cost Accountant, MBA and CPA level staff at affordable rates.

    We understand that every organization requires a different service portfolio, so we handle each client based on their requirements. A typical team of CFO services consists of a Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant, Certified Public Accountant, a Bookkeeping or Accounting Specialist, and a Customer Support Contact.

    Our CFO services include:

    • Budgets and Forecasting
    • Cash Flow Management
    • Key Performance Indicators
    • Financial Analysis and Modeling
    • Financing
    • Special Projects
    • Working with Professionals (CA, CPA, Banker, Attorney etc.)